Digital Health & Virtual Medicine

We are your strategic partner for healthcare VR content.

Our VR content delivers brainwave health benefits like a long term meditation practice. Enhance all around patient experience by enabling meditative states without drugs. Meditation made simple.

Engage. Relax. Improve.

Three clinically proven methods combined in easy to deliver virtual reality.

Sound Waves

3D audio recordings create an immersive experience mixed with functional neurology sounds that deliver whole brain synchronization.


Nature Exposure

Exposure to nature accelerates stress recovery. Virtual reality minimizes extraneous variables and delivers a fully immersive therapeutic environment.

Sacred Geometry

Studies in clinical settings as therapy show Mandalas have a balancing effect. Research validates the use of Mandala therapy to reduce anxiety.

Get Results with Our Virtual Reality Content

2018 Mandala Health QEEG results from NeuroField X3000 and LORETA Surface Z-Score software platform.

How We Help

Our virtual reality healthcare content delivers a drug-free alternative for use in hospitals, recovery centers, and by healthcare professionals seeking to customize patient experience.

Mandala Health provides therapeutic VR content designed to lower brainwaves and deliver proven health benefits of long term meditation.

Patients suffering from anxiety and stress oftentimes are unable to build a long-term meditation practice. Our virtual reality solutions remove these barriers to healing and recovery.

The unique combination of functional neurology audio tracks, mandalas, and nature exposure delivers results. QEEG testing shows how our VR content lowers high beta brainwave frequencies associated with anxiety and stress.

Lower brainwave exposure is proven in clinical methods to help dissolve emotionally charged experiences. We see this initially being beneficial to addiction recovery and PTSD.

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