About Us

Steven Poe

Steven has been working in the visual arts since his high school years in Brazil. His popular time lapse video, Redwood, sought to inspire people to explore healing in nature, something he feels strongly about. His lifelong interest in mindfulness led him to create a Buddha Art Series in the mid 1990s which spread around the publishing world on popular mindfulness book covers. In 2005 Steven started development of an interactive 360 virtual tour media library of all makes and models of cars in North America and Europe. This VR content is used by millions of people to make car buying decisions every day. Mandala Health combines Steven's experience in the media business, virtual reality, photography, nature, and meditation.

Kirstin Miller

Kirstin Miller is supporting research and business development for Mandala Health. She has designed educational programs for gifted and special needs children in public schools. She was a course instructor on ecological design at UC Berkeley Extension and the San Francisco Institute of Architecture. Kirstin currently works with an international educational nonprofit organization advancing ecological design and city/citizen learning. She co-produced a virtual reality educational experience, EcocityVR, for ecological city design that was presented at 500 Startups in San Francisco.

Dr. Jim Otis

Advisor, Neurology & Sound

Dr. Jim Otis is a neurology and sound advisor for Mandala Health. He is a board-certified functional neurologist specializing in drug-free treatment for brain injuries and strokes, childhood development issues, and sleep disorders. He developed a patented program, integrated into the audio component of Mandala Health, that uses precisely timed sounds to improve whole brain health and function. Dr. Otis is Fellow, American College of Functional Neurology and Fellow, American Board of Childhood Developmental Disorders.



Dr. Lloyd Williams

Advisor, Clinical Psychology

Dr. Llyod Williams is an organizational psychologist, clinical psychological consultant, organizational behavior and change/leadership consultant and author. He has written seven books in organizational change issues and is writing two additional books in clinical psychology. He maintains an organizational psychology and clinical consultation practice in Arizona, California, France and China. Dr. Williams holds doctoral degrees in Organizational Psychology, Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Depth Psychology, and a D. Min. degree in Personality and Culture.

Scott Onstott

Advisor, Symbology

Scott Onstott is an advisor on symbology for Mandala Health. Scott is a certified Unity developer and has authored numerous training videos on Unity, AutoCAD, Photoshop, 3d Max, SketchUp, Twilight and Revit. In 2010 he created a documentary film, Secrets in Plain Sight, exploring patterns found in art, architecture, urban design and the cosmos. He hosts an annual Sacred Geometry Intensive in a restored country mansion near Dublin, Ireland. Scott has a degree in architecture from the University of California at Berkeley.

Scott Bergstrom

Audio Engineer

Scott is creating blended soundscapes for Mandala Health. He’s designed audio tracks for Playstation and Google and has been involved in several independent projects at 25th Street Recording in Oakland, including sound engineering for Randy Porter, Visceral Skies, Sheila E. and Joe Satriani. Scott has a Master’s Degree in Audio Sciences from Johns Hopkins University.

Nathan Spandorf

CG & Technical Artist

Nathan supports Unity and Unreal development for Mandala Health. Nathan studied biotechnology at Rochester Institute of Technology and earned a Bachelor's of Applied Science from Expression College. Nathan has comprehensive modeling and set building experience in Unity and Unreal and worked for two years at Steel Wool Studios. He is currently following his passion for CG artistry in virtual reality.